A little more than a week ago, Groupon became the biggest tech IPO since Google. Now that it’s all said and done, how did investors fare? Well, we looked at nearly $20 billion in investments across 65 brokerages to find out.

We crunched the numbers and found:

  • Over 1/5th (22.3%) of people who bought GRPN on the day it IPO’d dumped it the same day
  • Since the stock price opened at $28, most people didn’t get in until the stock price had already jumped well over the $20 offering price (the average purchase price was $28.17)
  • Even though GRPN ended the day up, almost two thirds (62.5%) of people who sold off their stock on opening day lost money (average return was -3.3%)
  • People showed hometown pride — Chicago, Groupon’s birthplace, had the highest percentage of GRPN investors
  • Pandora day traders who flipped their stock on its opening day didn’t fare well either and lost even more (8.52% on average)
  • Most LinkedIn investors did better and those who flipped their stock made money (the average was 7.10%)

Take a look at the infographic below for a timeline of events leading up to Groupon’s IPO.


To prepare this article and infographic, our data team analyzed over $20 billion in real assets held by users on Wikinvest’s Portolio.  By looking at this data — which spans 65 different brokerages — we hope to learn from our mistakes as investors and help others avoid them in the future.  Investing is an ongoing learning process and our data is revolutionary opportunity for investors to gain new insights into the market.  Never before have we been able to look at investing trends in such detail across brokers.

We’re going to continue to analyze trends and market conditions for you to help you make more informed investment decisions. So stay tuned for more!

Chris is a member of the data and analytics team at SigFig. Prior to joining SigFig, Chris was a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

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