SigFig’s Tax Loss Harvesting Helps Lower Your Tax Liability

No one likes to see an investment lose value, but when that happens, strategically selling at a loss can help lower your capital gains tax liability. “Strategically” is the key word here: offsetting gains with losses is a good way to minimize taxes, but it must be done without disrupting your investment plan.

We designed SigFig’s tax loss harvesting process to do both — utilize the tax benefits of losses, while keeping your portfolio fully invested in each of the asset classes that make up your allocation. Available at no additional cost with your SigFig Managed Account, tax loss harvesting will help you:

  • Accurately determine the optimal times to take advantage of tax loss harvesting; and
  • Replace any securities sold at a loss with similar ones to keep you aligned with your target allocation.

Tax loss harvesting is just one of our many tax efficiency strategies. If you haven’t turned it on yet, you can do it here. If you want to learn more about it, visit our FAQ section. Start minimizing your investment taxes today.

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New mobile apps with better reporting and more guidance


Since the inception of SigFig, we’ve always focused on the mobile app experience for our investors—specifically, how we can help them better manage their wealth. In the last few months, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our mobile apps. Today, we are releasing redesigned mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android. In all these apps, you can now:

  • Stay on top of potential investment issues: Connect your investment accounts with SigFig, and see our recommendations on how to address issues such as high fees, asset allocation, and global diversification.
  • Learn from the investment pros: Flip through our new “Guide to Smart Investment Management”, which synthesizes data insights from over one million portfolios into articles like “4 easy ways to improve your investments” or “How much of your portfolio should be in international stocks?”
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your returns: With updated navigation and reports, you can now slice and dice your portfolio returns by timeframe to better understand long-term returns.

For a short overview, check out this demo video:



These new apps are on the App Store and Google Play today, or install by tapping on one of the badges.


Yair Levin

Yair is Director of Mobile at SigFig. Prior to joining SigFig, he founded Slim, a cross-platform app that filtered social media news. Before that, he ran the asset management sales team for Israel’s largest investment bank. Yair served as a Tank Commander in the Israel Defense Forces and studied marketing and finance at IDC.

SigFig Portfolio Growth Projection Chart Update

The SigFig team is updating the portfolio growth projection chart to reflect the median (i.e., 50% outcome) correctly. The projection chart on our site listed the mean outcome of a Monte Carlo portfolio simulation instead of the median outcome. This does not reflect any inaccuracy in terms of model portfolio composition or trading of client accounts.


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Introducing SigFig for Apple Watch

Introducing SigFig for Apple Watch

As new technologies emerge, SigFig searches for ways to bring value to our customers. Apple Watch enables us to deliver a unique and convenient new way to engage with the SigFig App on your wrist so you can invest and track your portfolio on the go.

apple_watch_screens (1)

With the new SigFig app for Apple watch, you can easily gain the most relevant, timely insights about your investments at a glance. Swipe to see your portfolio total value, daily change, gainers and losers, asset allocation, and geographic diversification. SigFig for Apple Watch keeps you in the know by sending you personalized alerts, so you will always know how your investments are doing.

Invest with SigFig and Get a free Apple Watch

We’re excited to share this new experience with SigFig users — and even more excited to announce a limited-time promotion for new SigFig asset management clients. Until May 1, 2015, SigFig is offering a free Apple Watch to all new clients who sign up for a managed account and deposit $100,000 or more.* This offer is limited for one week only, so act now!

This is simply the beginning. The Apple Watch will help us change the way people track and manage their investments. We’re excited to hear your feedback and feature requests following this first release, and we will continue to work relentlessly to improve your experience.


* Users must remain SigFig clients for 18 months with a minimum balance of $75,000. Learn more.

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SigFig Launches Guidance Tool to Help Investors Better Manage Their Money


No investor would set out to do the wrong thing with their money, let alone lose any of it in the process. Yet, 9 in 10 people make investing mistakes, including:

  • Single-stock concentration risk. Among investors who own stocks, six in 10 have more than 10% of their portfolios invested in a single stock.
  • High fees. Among those who own mutual funds or ETFs, six in 10 own at least one high-cost fund (with an expense ratio of 0.5% or higher).
  • Cash drag. More than a quarter of investors (27%) have at least 10% of their portfolio sitting idle in cash.
  • Home Bias. For 60% of investors, international equities represent less than 10% of their equity portfolio.

To help investors easily detect these errors, today we are proud to announce the launch of SigFig Guidance. By simply connecting your brokerage accounts to SigFig and completing a brief questionnaire, we will instantly analyze your portfolio, detect and help you address potential issues, such as:


While investors can employ SigFig to manage their accounts, the Guidance tool offers actionable suggestions at no cost, and with no commitment from the investor.


Our financial consultants are also available to speak with customers at any time.

“Traditional advisors often charge thousands of dollars to get these kinds of detailed insights, and they aren’t truly impartial in their recommendations,” says SigFig CEO Mike Sha. “We have technology that can manage investor assets at a fraction of the cost of traditional advisors. We have decided to offer free analysis to arm investors with as much information as possible to improve their performance and reduce fees.”

If you have any questions, you can speak with one of our financial consultants any time at 1-855-9SIGFIG, or email us at

Guidance Summary
Note: All data cited in this article is aggregated and anonymized from more than 250,000 investors who sync their portfolios with SigFig.

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Kicking off 2015 with a New Look and Mobile Features

SigFig 3 screens 2a

SigFig is ringing in 2015 with a new look & feel on web and mobile, along with some exciting updates to our apps. We wanted to provide an improved experience that helps investors make better investing decisions, and the new SigFig is designed to do just that. We’ve also added a number of new features that will make SigFig indispensable to everyday investors, enabling them to not only track, but also manage their investments easily on their iPhone or Android devices.

Today, along with our new look & feel, we are excited to unveil SigFig managed accounts on mobile: an automated investment service that invests your money in a low cost, risk-adjusted ETF portfolio from your mobile device. SigFig monitors your investments on a daily basis to improve your returns, using automatic rebalancing, tax-aware asset allocation, commission-free trading, and dividend reinvestment.

Our investment team has decades of experience successfully managing billions of dollars. Thanks to partnerships with leading brokerages such as Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade, we offer hassle-free sign up. Investors can open individual or joint account, IRA, Roth IRA or rollover 401K.

GalaxyS5_SigFigAppSigning up is easy and takes only three minutes: Simply take a risk profile questionnaire, confirm your personalized investment plan, and fund your account from a bank account or an existing investment account.

The investment cost of a SigFig managed account is 0.25% a year. For a $50,000 portfolio, that means less than $10 per month. And with any account, we manage the first $10,000 for free.

If you have any questions, you can speak with one of our investment professionals any time at 1-855-9SIGFIG or email us at

Update: An earlier version of this post incorrectly said that the 0.25% in fees included all underlying fund management fees. In fact, the 0.25% in fees covers all management done by SigFig on the client’s behalf, but does not cover underlying fund expenses, fees charged by the brokerage, or transactions costs. In many cases, clients pay no transactions costs (commissions) because SigFig primarily uses commission-free ETFs. Sorry for the error. For more information, please contact


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