Since the inception of SigFig, we’ve always focused on the mobile app experience for our investors—specifically, how we can help them better manage their wealth. In the last few months, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our mobile apps. Today, we are releasing redesigned mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android. In all these apps, you can now:

  • Stay on top of potential investment issues: Connect your investment accounts with SigFig, and see our recommendations on how to address issues such as high fees, asset allocation, and global diversification.
  • Learn from the investment pros: Flip through our new “Guide to Smart Investment Management”, which synthesizes data insights from over one million portfolios into articles like “4 easy ways to improve your investments” or “How much of your portfolio should be in international stocks?”
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your returns: With updated navigation and reports, you can now slice and dice your portfolio returns by timeframe to better understand long-term returns.

For a short overview, check out this demo video:



These new apps are on the App Store and Google Play today, or install by tapping on one of the badges.


Yair Levin

Yair is Director of Mobile at SigFig. Prior to joining SigFig, he founded Slim, a cross-platform app that filtered social media news. Before that, he ran the asset management sales team for Israel’s largest investment bank. Yair served as a Tank Commander in the Israel Defense Forces and studied marketing and finance at IDC.