Many say one’s mobile phone choice says a lot about a person; so what does someone’s mobile phone preference say about them as an investor?

Recently, our data team looked at the investing behaviors of users behind different mobile phones—iOS, Android, and Windows. (Specifically, they examined 150,000 users of the SigFig app.)

In terms of portfolio returns, there was no real difference between users of these three devices, but we did see a difference in terms of assets. Given the high cost of an iPhone, perhaps it’s not surprising to see that the portfolio size of an iOS investors is two times the size of an Android or Windows user.

While it may seem iOS users would be most proud of their mobile choice given their portfolio size, it turns out that it is the Windows user who is the most loyal to the brand—with users being 3X more likely to own Microsoft shares.



Your mobile operating system does not actually impact your portfolio size or returns performance. Choosing an iPhone will not guarantee better investment results or a larger portfolio size. However, sound investment strategies tend to help investors put their best foot forward.

Stephanie Zou

Stephanie Zou heads up marketing at SigFig. She’s always looking for guest blog writers. If you have an idea for an article, pitch her at